Taking care of your Baby Huggers backpack

Here's our guide to taking care of your little one's Baby Huggers backpack. We're sure your little one is having loads of fun with their backpack, but as we all know fun is sometimes messy. With these easy steps, we will have your little one's backpack looking all new again. It's as easy as  1,2...


Neoprene is a sturdy fabric that can stand up to general wear and tear.To prolong your neoprene bag make sure you avoid contact with rough surfaces, sharp objects and grease or oil. Alcohol and acetone are really bad for neoprene, so avoid at all costs.

The Baby Huggers neoprene range is designed for everyday use and doesn’t mind being carried, filled, stashed and sat on the ground.

For stubborn stains, clean using a spot cleaner or gently press with a soft cloth. Avoid harsh rubbing.


For bigger stains and grime, you can throw your bag in the washing machine. Wash on its own on a cold, delicate cycle. Lay flat in a shady spot or hang from the line on an overcast day to dry.

Be careful not to let your neoprene bag fold over as it dries to avoid creasing.Do not dry clean, tumble dry or iron your base. To remove any creasing you may use a steamer.

We hope this helps with those adventure stains which we are sure your little one's backpacks will get, because fun is sometimes messy.


Lots of Love,
The Baby Huggers team

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