The Mlambo’s and the roller coaster that is parenthood...

It is said that when you become a parent your life changes forever. There is so much truth in this even though the changes are not the same for everyone, some experience an instant bond the first time they hold their baby in their arms, some are overwhelmed with fear of the journey ahead and not knowing what to do as a first time parent. And sadly some experience post or prenatal depression. Whatever your journey is, somehow somewhere you kind of get it right.

My journey of parenthood has been a mixture of all kinds of emotions, but one that truly outshines them all is the love and beautiful lessons I've learnt and still  learning from being a mom. 

I gave birth to my first child Thobani Lifeziwe Mlambo (popularly known as Tj, named after and by his very creative father) on the 23rd of June 2016. I was scared of all things babies, even though I had spent plenty of time babysitting my niece and nephews, but nothing quite prepared me for this life-changing journey.

There I was thinking on top of loving and nurturing this little boy. I still have to teach him all things about life, "drop a few pearls of wisdom here and there" and boy was I in for a surprise. With kids you experience a love so pure and true that as much they learn a lot from you, you also learn a great deal from them. 

Baby Huggers Blog-TJ and Mommy collage


The love I have for my son drives me to be a better person, it has taught me so much about myself, both my weaknesses and strengths and has even gone as far as awakening long-buried dreams and dreaming new ones with the creation of Baby Huggers, our children’s online backpack store, owned by both my husband and I, inspired by our son’s love for all things fun and adventurous and how hard it is at times to get products that really accentuate our little one’s personality. Thus started our journey to find such products and the start of a blog where our customers can get to know a little bit about us as we hope to share stories that they can relate to as we ride our roller coaster of parenthood and entrepreneurship. 

May this be an adventurous journey where we learn and create beautiful memories and unlearn that which did and does not work for us as we raise beautiful little humans that will grow up to be happy, responsible, considerate adults. We are not seeking perfection, but only that we do our best each day with the little souls that have been entrusted with us.

Love TJ's Mom
Puseletso Mlambo

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